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Colon Hygiene Therapy was founded with a passion for internal hygiene and vibrant health. Our gravity-based colonics guarantee a calm and healing  experience that is dramatically effective and personalized based on the client's needs. .

First time clients receive a thorough wellness consultation to help assess goals and discuss current digestive patterns/ complications. Each treatment last from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The  facility is designed to provide all guests with a comfortable and private spa like experience. 


Colon Hygiene Therapy's goal is to ensure that all clients leave feeling renewed, vibrant and more committed to a lifestyle that is free of artificial foods and rich in a nourishing and nutritious diet.

Benefits of our colonic services include:

  • reduced bloating

  • weightloss

  • more regular bowel movements,

  • improved metabolism

  • increased energy

  • reduced body odor

  • mental clarity

  • reduced acne/ ecxema

  • improved function of immune system

  • greater body fluidity

  • a healthy glow

More importantlycolon cleansing prevents and eliminates the putrefaction of waste in the colon  which is the root of disease in the body and main cause of accelerated signs of aging.

We are passionate about the journey of our clients and are available to answer questions our clients have before, during and after all colonic sessions. 

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